Used Baby Talc Powder and Developed Ovarian Cancer?

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talc powder ovarian cancer claims

Johnson & Johnson knew for Decades that their Talc Products cause Ovarian Cancer

If you've used Johnson & Johnson Talc Baby Powder®, Shower to Shower® or other talc products, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

Women used talc powder on sensitive areas of their bodies. They also used it on family members not knowing the significant health dangers posed. Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that their talc products caused ovarian cancer. They chose to hide the information from women that used their products and trusted the company.

talc powder ovarian cancer claims

Johnson & Johnson must pay $4.67 Billion to Ovarian Cancer Victims

Recently, a jury in Missouri found Johnson & Johnson GUILTY of negligence for failing to warn about the risk of ovarian cancer associated with their talc baby powder and Shower to Shower products.

Scientists and researchers studied the correlation between Talcum Powder and Ovarian Cancer for decades. Their research reveals that women who used Talcum powder near or on their genital region had an increased chance of developing ovarian cancer by 20-40%. Ovarian cancer is deadly and is often diagnosed too late.

The jurors agreed that Johnson & Johnson should have properly warned it's consumers of their cancer risk and had no right to keep such important information secret.

talc powder ovarian cancer claims

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